IK Group is a marketing manufacturer

that offers a unique promotion strategy and provides

a total internal solution

that covers product planning,

manufacturing and logistics.

Marketing Manufacturer

“Providing Unprecedented
Services as a Marketing Manufacturer”

What is IK Group?

IK Group is a “marketing manufacturer” that provides a total internal solution that covers product planning, manufacturing and logistics.
Since our founding in 1982, our unique promotion strategy that utilizes our long expertise and our product development that focuses on “Living with beauty,” “Living with health” and “Living with joy” has helped us provide numerous hit products.

Advantages with IK Group

IK Group offers three advantages: excellent marketing ability from the data that has been amassed over many years, manufacturing resources that can plan products from scratch and conduct manufacturing internally as well as diversified sales channels that have been developed all over the world.
We analyze the mechanism, the wording and the regional features for producing hit products, and then select a target and product to develop. Thereafter, we conduct test marketing using diversified sales channels to see if that product would actually sell.
This process involves us executing new promotions and changing the package, the timing, the target and the price point in order to sell the product.
There are many firms in the same industry who only specialize in product planning or marketing, whose sales channels are limited to stores or who outsource product manufacturing and logistics to other companies. However, IK’s flexible support system and expertise enable us to execute a unique promotion strategy that cannot be mimicked by another company.

Our Plans

Several major companies dominate the market share. In the domestic cosmetics industry that is saturated, It is told that unless a company spends a ridiculous amount of money on advertising, such as TV commercials, for more than 20 years, then that company would not succeed. However, in the just 4 years, IK Group has been able to reach approximately 1.8 billion yen in sales using our own excellent marketing ability and developing drug stores all across the country.
We successfully entered the market with a new cosmetics line LB, which focuses on Japanese quality.
In addition, the market is expected to grow more and more in ASEAN, where make-up has still not penetrated the daily life.
Going forward, with the population and GDP dramatically increasing in ASEAN, we shall continue to focus primarily on China, and then expand across the globe, providing unprecedented services as a “Marketing Manufacturer.”

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